Solar power generated at TradeCenter 128 is real, and it is important. The 250 KW solar plant produces over 280,000 Kilowatt Hours of clean electricity annually. There are 1,256 solar panels installed on the special support structure created for them above the fifth floor of our parking garage.

TradeCenter 128 has received LEED Gold precertification for core and shell development from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

Anchored by the stunning Middlesex County Superior Courthouse at the north end of the complex, TradeCenter 128 was constructed to the very latest energy-saving standards. High efficiency glass, special roof and wall insulation, and super efficient fluorescent lighting were very important in achieving Gold Level LEED certification for the Center's office space, which is now more than 90 percent leased.

This type of forward thinking continues today with convenient on-site recycling programs and green housekeeping.


Given the easily accessible location, LEED Gold, green design and construction, prominent location, and plentiful on-site amenities, TradeCenter 128 has become a premier business campus along Route 128/I-95. Many prominent Healthcare, Insurance and Financial Services, and Law Offices are now among the clients who call TradeCenter 128 "home."

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Cummings Properties is delighted to offer TradeCenter 128 - more than 500,000 square feet of unprecedented new, first-class office space, directly fronting Routes 128 and Interstate 95 in Woburn, MA. This absolutely superb site is broadside to the busiest Interstate highway segment in New England, just one mile south of the intersection with Interstate 93.

office space along route 128  

This flagship property offers the finest quality corporate lifestyle with the amenities of a central business district. Including a FREE parking garage accomodating more than 1,000 cars, TradeCenter 128 is the second largest single building ever developed by Cummings Properties and has received the best of our nearly 40 years of experience.

TradeCenter 128, on the site of the original Northeast Trade Center, is already one of the largest and most prominent buildings along the entire length of Interstate 95, from Bangor to Miami, and with its unique three-story drive through archway entrance, it is now also among the most recognizable and distinctive locations.

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